Bios : Chad Smith

Hydraulic Test Technician

Chad Smith started with Pump Check in June of 1996 and has since performed over 16,000 pump efficiency tests on both electric, and internal combustion engine driven pumps for clients in the Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural, Government, and Utility industries. Chad has performed tests in California, Nevada, and Arizona.

Along with the pump testing, Chad also brings his experience of testing, calibrating, and the repair of over 10,000 flowmeters. Chad also provides his expert opinion on the proper placement of new or replacement flowmeters to aid the clients in accurately accounting for their water production, usage, and loss. Chads current certifications include:

  • CPR Certified
  • Arc flash/electrical safety certified
  • State of California Department of Health Services Grade D2 Water Distribution Operator
  • Authorized tester for the California Public Utilities Commission.
  • Service Agent License, State of California, Division of Measurement Standards.
  • Authorized tester for the Nevada State Engineers Office water meter calibration program.
  • Approved tester for the California State University Fresno's Advanced Pumping Efficiency Program.
  • Approved operator by the Department of Energy for their Pumping System Assessment Tool.
  • Member of the California Association of Pump Test Professionals.

For more information contact:

Chad Smith
(951) 653-1910 : Phone
(951) 653-1950 : fax